A Parent’s Guide: for Teaching Sex in Your Home

About Course

Be prepared for your ongoing “birds & the bees” talk. This virtual class and guidebook will create impactful conversations with your kids from birth through adolescence. You’ll become the expert to guide your kids through sexual info, values, decisions, & changes. This course includes effective teaching strategies, visual aids, charts, and pictures about reproductive anatomy, puberty, consent, dating, sexual abuse prevention, and so much more.

Course Content


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Our Role & Goals

Teaching Do’s & Don’ts

Ages 0-4

Age 0-4 Anatomy

Ages 5-8

Ages 5-8 Anatomy & Puberty

The Talk

Masturbation & Pornography

Ages 9-12

Ages 9-12 Female Anatomy

Ages 9-12 Male Anatomy

Preventing Sexual Abuse

Technology Safety




Ages 13-17

Ages 13-17 Female Anatomy

Ages 13-17 Male Anatomy

Building Relationships

Dating Pt 1

Dating Pt 2